What You NEED to Know About Computer Repair


The ways you protect and secure your computers evolves drastically from year to year. You practically house your entire life online with passwords like “ginger2012” or “password123.” Think those phrases are enough to protect your personal and financial identities? You cannot leave yourself susceptible, especially if you are new to the internet. The baby boomer generation is one of the most vulnerable because they do not fully understand how dangerous it can be if you do not provide secure passwords to protect your data.

Regular Maintenance & Upgrades

You can avoid replacing your aging computer by performing regular maintenance and routine upgrades such as adware and malware protection scans, trash cleanup, and protection updates. Furthermore, consider upgrading individual components to enjoy a better experience, such as replacing the SSD hard drive, which can be a more affordable option. Keep in mind that every computer model is different, and when repairs are needed, computer repairs can take longer than phone repairs.  However, if you need your computer fixed in a hurry, Forever Wireless has the expertise and experience to expedite your computer repair without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for the best computer repair Baltimore has to offer, get in touch!

Password Mangement

Creating a strong password is of the utmost importance to the safety and security of your data. Your password must be unique. To create a unique password, include symbols (i.e. ! @ #, etc.), uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.  Also, you should think of things and phrases that are unrelated to your personal life and geographical area.

Another good idea is to have a different account that you don’t use very often for backup purposes. Remember, creating an email account is about the only thing still free these days!

Cloud Management

Storing your data on your computer is so 2015. Instead of housing your data the old fashioned way, think about saving your data on a cloud storage, file-syncing application. Not only is this a secure method of data storage, but by using a cloud-based storage method, you can access your files from anywhere in the world. Just log onto your cloud website and access all of your information immediately.  Want to show your friends and family pictures of your recent vacation, but don’t have your computer handy? Arriving at an important meeting and forgot your thumb drive with the presentation you slaved over for days? With cloud-based storage, you’ll never need to worry about physically carrying around a device. All you need is access to the internet!

Has your Data Been Compromised?

Perform the following two steps in this order:

  • Call us
  • Shutdown your computer and keep it powered down

If your computer is not connected to the internet, information cannot be transmitted. Forever Wireless knows various methods to start your computer safely to see if there are any viruses or malware affecting your device.

We don’t EVER charge you to take a look! Forever Wireless will happily provide our subject matter expertise, and we will decide together if your computer is worth repairing or replacing. Also, for a nominal fee, we can provide data extraction services in the event a replacement is needed. For the best computer repair Baltimore offers, give us a call!

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