Baltimore Cell Phone Repair by Forever Wireless
(Howard Street)

howard street electronics store in baltimore


Monday-Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm


Address 108 N. Howard St.

Phone 443-826-9101

Howard Street Electronics is the birthplace of the Forever Wireless brand which thrived off of the many locally owned and operated businesses on the Howard Street corridor. Howard Street Electronics has been serving its customers for close to 20 years (as of 2017), reaching as far back as the pager phenomena! As technology advanced so did the products and services of Howard Street Electronics, and the primary means of communication transitioned to cell phones.

Howard Street Electronics was one of the first stores in Baltimore to offer the Boost Mobile brand. Boost Mobile was one of the first wireless carriers to stun the market with their $50 unlimited plans. After Boost Mobile was bought Sprint/Nextel, its ability to capture more market share by offering the most competitive monthly pricing and handsets at a huge subsidy for new customers. To this day, the battle rages on between all the carriers as stores are popping up everywhere. Howard Street Electronics is proud to have loyal customers for close to two decades.

Along with wireless service, Howard Street Electronics offers a wide variety of gadget repair services. Whether you have a broken iPhone screen or your Samsung tablet just won’t charge anymore, Howard Street Electronics is your one-stop shop. Our knowledgeable staff members have the resources to answer all your questions. Our job is to help navigate you through the sometimes foggy world of wireless.

Howard Street Electronics is a special place for Forever Wireless because it’s where its founders Moshe and Casey first started working together. Moshe had a store and was looking to grow – Casey was just out of college looking to find his way into the business. It was a match made in cell phone heaven as both Moshe and Casey have the same vision for their business, and that’s to bring service and value to its customers.