Spending Less on a Cell Phone Repair is Not the Best Decision

Woman deciding whether to choose the cheap cell phone repair option

“I want to spend money on fixing my cell phone,” said NO ONE EVER. After all, repairing a new cell phone could cost upwards of $100 dollars, depending on the model. That said, almost everyone has found themselves with a broken screen.

Usually, when someone finds himself in this predicament, he thinks a number of thoughts. For instance, “Why is this so expensive? It’s just a piece of glass! Can’t you just replace the glass in the back with all that heavy machinery you got there?”

Today’s cell phones hold their value a bit longer than the cellphones of the early 2010s. Some may find this surprising news as new phones seem to come out more often than ever. On the surface, this may seem good for consumers. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Since phones are retaining their value longer (especially iPhones), replacement parts are also holding their value. In turn, consumers are faced with more costly repairs.

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Consumers often wonder, “Why can I call one company and get one price to repair my phone, then the guy next door charges a totally different price.” The answer is in the “grade.”

Third party repair shops like Forever Wireless are everywhere. You can walk into any mall, shopping center or flea market and find a third party cell phone repair shop. It’s like a billion-dollar industry that kind of popped up overnight. Out of nowhere, there is a place to fix an iPhone on every block. The reason why there are so many third party cell phone repair shops is simple. It is one of the cheapest small businesses to open or add to an existing business.

The main reason it is so inexpensive to open a third party cell phone repair company is the accessibility of cell phone parts. The majority of these parts are manufactured in China and come in several different “grades.” Also, China manufactures something called a “copy” screen. Essentially, a copy screen is a screen that is not manufactured by the original manufacturer and is not the same quality product that the original manufacturer produced. These lesser quality products can affect the operation of your phone.

They also have lots of “copy” screens, meaning they are not produced by the original manufacturer and are not made of the same quality, which can affect the operation of your phone. For example, a copy screen may affect how the screen regulates power, causing your battery to diminish quickly. Also, copy screens are sometimes brighter than original screens. It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between original and copy screens. You have to be a trained technician and have experience working with a specific device. Unfortunately for consumers, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between an original and a copy screen. Only a highly skilled technician with experience working with a specific device can tell the difference right off the bat.

Lower grade screens are often badly refurbished original screens. The consumer may notice some smearing or scratches. These are usually more apparent when the screen is off.

Consumers should be aware that repair shops aren’t the only ones using copy and lower grade screens. Some insurance companies use vendors that refurbish their phones with these low-quality screens. Once the phone is put together, it is very difficult to know whether a copy or lower grade screen was used.

Saving money is great. But sometimes, it costs more to be frugal. Getting your cell phone screen repaired is one of these times. Although these screens are cheaper, 9 times out of 10 you get what you pay for. Spending money on low-quality screen repair is the equivalent of opening your window and just letting your cash blow out of it.

In order to get the best possible cell phone repairs, do your homework. Chose a company that has good reviews. Make sure that the staff is polite and courteous enough to answer any questions you may have. Don’t get swayed by price and use the wrong company. In the long run, you will end up spending more time and money by choosing the cheapest company. Instead, look at the quality of products and services being offered.

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