Onsite Repairs – We’ll Come to You!

Do you need to have your iPhone repaired? If so, there are many companies to choose from. However, deciding between these companies, all of which have different prices and processes, can be an overwhelming task.

At Forever Wireless, we pride ourselves on convenience, quality, and value. So if you need your iPhone repaired, sit tight and let us come to you! We can repair your cell phone while you wait with our onsite repair option!

We’ve assembled an onsite repair team of the best cell phone repair technicians Baltimore has to offer. Furthermore, we can dispatch our repair team to most locations all over the Baltimore area (both Baltimore County and Baltimore City). Please note that not all iPhone repairs can be completed onsite. However, most common repairs such as a cracked screen or a faulty charging port can be repaired onsite.

Contact us today if you need our onsite repair services!

How Do We Repair Your Cell Phone?

anti static magnetic matAll of the tools needed for the most common repairs fit inside a small pouch. We use an anti-static and magnetic mat in which to complete the repairs. Also, this mat holds all the screws and plates together in one place. Due to current COVID-19 safety concerns all repairs are completed inside our vehicle with NO CONTACT pick up and drop off protocol in effect. 

One of our biggest concerns when we dispatch our repair team for onsite repairs not under COVID-19 circumstances is we don’t know what environment they are about to enter. Dust and other particles can penetrate different parts of the cell phone while it is disassembled and opened. It is critical to make sure when reassembly occurs that the technician takes proper precautions to remove any foreign particles or objects from the device.

Our in-store repair centers are maintained like laboratories to ensure a clean, debris-free environment. Therefore, when our technicians are onsite, they take every precaution to replicate our in-store repair center environment to ensure a proper working space.

Serving the Community

Having locations all over the Baltimore area allows Forever Wireless to best serve the community for their iPhone repair needs. Typically, we can dispatch our repair team within 1-2 hours of a request. We do encourage and prefer appointments to ensure faster and more efficient service.

Forever Wireless has also partnered with Fixt. Fixt services both consumer and commercial customers for various gadget repair needs. Fixt has built a phenomenal, interactive platform for users to request a repair technician to come to their location for an onsite repair in a timely fashion. Forever Wireless is honored to work with the “uber” of cell phone repair in Baltimore.

The ability to send our repair team to you is what separates Forever Wireless from every other mobile device repair business. Contact us today for more details or to book a same day appointment! You’ll see why our customers keep coming back to us.


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