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It is becoming more and more common that tablets are taking the place of the common-day laptop, for both consumers and businesspeople alike. The result is that they are becoming more and more affordable, and there is an ever-growing variety of models as the market becomes more competitive. When competition heats up, the result is always a win for the consumer in both price and features. With the popularity of iPads and tablets on the rise, there’s also a growing need for repairs. Repairing a tablet can be even more delicate and time consuming than your average phone, because of the size—more space to cover when it comes to details, and we all know how important the details are!

tablet with a cracked screen

In our Baltimore stores, we’ve seen a huge increase in iPad and tablet repairs. They are very similar to cell phone repairs, but differ in some important ways.

The main difference between tablet repair and cell phone repair is that tablets are typically built to last longer and have a bit more under the hood. For example, most popular models out there are high end ones, making repairs a much more viable option. With low-end tablets, however, sometimes it’s better to just replace it, as the cost for repairs can closely align with the price of a new device. When you bring your tablet in, if it’s around the same price to replace it, we will be sure to let you know. There’s still work we can do for you though! For example, when you get a new device, you’ll surely want to migrate the data from your old, broken tablet, to your new, awesome tablet. Check out our data migration service.

iPads are the most commonly-repaired tablets that come through our doors, which is what we typically always stock the necessary parts. Samsung Tablets, LG Pads, and other popular android tablets have so many different models, it’s difficult for us to stock all of the parts. In those cases, we simply special-order the screens and other parts, and the turn around time is still only about 3-5 business days for the part to arrive and about a day or two, maximum, to complete the repair!

At Forever Wireless our commitment to quality and workmanship is the reason we have such an amazing reputation. We appreciate, in advance, your patience while we repair your device in as timely manner as possible.


Need-To-Know Basics About Repairing Your iPad or Tablet

Tablets are generally devices that have screens larger than 7 inches and are primarly shaped rectangularly. With popularity soaring so are the number of brands available in the marketplace. Android tablets by far dominate the market as far as share however we see way more apple iPads coming in for repair than android. The reason for that we believe is because most of the tablets that are android on the market are low end which are simply not worth repairing. With so many model changes parts become much more rare making it impossible to repair sometimes.

The most common iPad or tablet repair is a screen break effecting the glass and or touch mechanism. ON tablets the glass serves to protect the LCD but is also a touch mechanism popularly known as a digitizer. On the common iPad break its usually just the glass that is damaged. The glass is set in place by an adhesive that needs to be heated up to a certain temperature for it to a technical term we call in the industry “cooperation”. Once the process of removing the glass is complete we must clean off the LCD of any remaining dust or glass particles. The attention to detail is key here as if their is anything left it can cause irreversible damage to the tablet or iPad. Also once the screen is closed up it becomes a process to remove glass to remove whatever particles or residue might be left on the inside. Making sure this part of the process is completed with a great amount of detail is what separates a professional from an amateur. In order to maintain this type of quality and workmanship a proper repair center with the right tools and procedures is needed to uphold the expectations that customers are accustomed to when using our services.

Some tablet and iPad repairs can be a complicated when there is frame damage that occurs as a result of a drop or drama. The glass is meant to sit in the frame in a particular fashion and more often than not their is frame damage that is present when customers bring in their devices for repair. It is certainly a challenge bending back the frame to allow the glass to sit properly without damaging any internal components. What is more concerning is that if you don’t address the frame damage down the line the glass can be more susceptible to cracking. The reason for this is when a frame is bent and the glass is replaced the bent frame is applying constant pressure to the glass. Any small amount of force can then crack the glass much easier than it would normal crack. There are special tools such as a G-tool (show picture) that allows you to address frame issues but using this tool to “smooth” our edges that may have been pushed in as a result of the initial fall. We try our best to identify frame damage right away and make our customers aware of it so we can come up with many different ways in protecting your investment.

There many reasons you should choose a professional to repair your iPad or tablet that we have outlined for you. The process that we have refined over time has allowed us to perfect the most common repairs and have the experience to troubleshoot those more complex one. But dont fear, if something isn’t working right or its not repaired to your expectations than we more than encourage you to come on back with your device and let our team of skilled techs troubleshoot to resolve it. You see our service on your device doesn’t just end with the repair, we are here to help you get the most out of your device for as long as you have it.



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