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Nowadays, we have a device for every situation. Whether it be work, pleasure, or a hobby, we are always ‘connected’ in some way or another. However, when any of our gadgets are damaged, we seem to find ourselves in a panic, wanting to find a solution – FAST!

Computer Repair Baltimore

Forever Wireless is committed to providing the best computer repair Baltimore has to offer. Our trained technicians are available daily to diagnosis and repair the most common software and hardware issues. We are also here to educate! Our staff can answer any question relating to any matter regarding all types of computer repairs. Additionally, we can offer helpful tips that will increase the longevity of your device. We pride ourselves on being the best computer repair Maryland has to offer.

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Some of the most common computer issues that we see on a day to day basis are broken down into two parts; hardware and software. Hardware issues, such as a damaged screen or a broken fan, can be repaired in a timely fashion. If the part is in stock, we can even provide same-day computer repair service. If we do not have a part in stock, we have an average turnaround time of 3-5 business days. We are not going to mention names, but many computer repair shops process their part orders once a week or even once a month. At Forever Wireless, we process orders DAILY!

Our top priority and promise to you are to have your laptop or computer repaired in a timely fashion for a fair market price. Ordering computer parts on a daily basis has helped us meet our customers’ needs much faster than most other computer stores in Baltimore. Subsequently, our frequently stocked inventory has allowed us the flexibility to work on a wide variety of makes and models. The combination of our speedy service and regularly stocked inventory allows us NEVER to turn away business.

Now that we’ve elaborated on our mission to provide the best computer repair Maryland has to offer let’s dive into a frequent scenario a lot of our customers face when it comes to damaged computers. If your computer is running slow or taking a long time to startup, it may be caused by a combination of faulty hardware and software. When we notice this defect in a customer’s computer, we understand that it’s crucial to identify the primary cause of the slow-down correctly and to determine the best course of action.

As computers have a much longer lifespan than your average cell phone or tablet, it makes sense to invest when there is a problem with your computer, such as a broken screen or charging port. When software issues are detected, we will immediately run a scan on your computer to see if it's infected with a virus or malware. It is EXTREMELY time-consuming to remove a virus and or malware from a computer successfully. And in some cases, it may not even be possible.

Unfortunately, in a worst-case scenario, if a virus or malware cannot be removed from a computer, the only option available is to replace the hard drive or to wipe the hard drive clean. As our goal is to preserve your information and data, we use the previous two options mentioned above as a last resort. However, you can prevent a virus or malware from infecting your computer by being vigilant as to what links you open, what websites you visit, and what you download.

Don’t forget, at Forever Wireless; we diagnose similar issues on a daily basis for both tablets and cell phones. Accordingly, we consider the same criteria when offering a solution.

As mentioned before, protecting your laptop or desktop computer will allow your device to operate at the optimal speed and processing power. First and foremost, a virus protection program and a malware detection software are crucial. Most people are not aware that you should be extremely careful which ones you use. There are a handful of free malware programs that we can install on your device. However, your device will be best protected using software that requires a licensing fee.

Most “hackers” (a group of individuals looking to cause harm by extracting personal information and data) try to exploit people who do not have virus or malware protection on their computers. These thieves commit fraud by stealing your personal information. Furthermore, some virus and malware programs may seem legit, but in reality, they are a front for hackers to get free reign and complete access to your computer. There have even been situations we have encountered where hackers have held our customer’s information hostage.

With some patience and vigilance, you can prevent these types of situations from happening. Here are some basic tips to detect and prevent cybercrime:

  • DO NOT follow the directions if a screen pops up informing you that you have a virus on your computer, and the message requires you to call a number or pay money towards having the virus removed.
  • No company or entity is going to hold your information hostage.
  • Commonly, a virus or malware is transmitted to your device is via an email attachment.
  • If you receive an email from an unknown sender, and the email has an attachment, DO NOT open the attachment!
  • Make sure that whenever you open an email attachment or click a link within the email, that the email has been sent from a trustworthy source.
  • If you have any doubts about the sender, what’s contained in the email, or the contents of the attachment, it’s best not to open the email, click the included link, or download the attachment.

We understand that it can be hard to determine if a trustworthy source has sent an email, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in our professional opinion. Forever Wireless is dedicated to educating and advising our patrons on the risks of potential viruses, malware, and the threat of cybercrime. If you are ever in doubt, reach out to the “guru,” and a member of his team or the guru himself will reach out to you with a quick response.

Keeping all your personal information, pictures, documents, and data safe can be an EXTREMELY daunting task. It doesn’t take long to accumulate vasts amount of data. So this begs the question: What do we do with all of this data? Large corporations have rooms full of large servers keeping their information safe and secure. We understand that an investment in a server may not be on your radar, so we strongly encourage all of our customers to back up their data on a third-party server (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive).

We always stress to our customers about the importance of being proactive versus being reactive. There are some conventional and unconventional ways of retrieving your data, but you don’t want to spend lots of money when you can easily safeguard your data before a virus or malware attack. If you have any additional questions about computer repair in Baltimore, Maryland, call or email us anytime, and we will do our very best to provide you with the best solution.

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