When Your Phone or Computer Crashes, Data Recovery Comes Next

Data Recovery

Let’s start off with a story. It’s Monday morning, and Jane wakes up, begrudgingly ready to face the work week. The first thing she does, which is the first thing she always does when she wakes up, is hit snooze on her alarm.

After hitting the snooze button six to seven times, she finally turns her alarm off. She had a great weekend with friends and family and wanted to revel in the joys of her recent experiences one more time before she gets up and faces the music. But something is terribly wrong. All of her pictures, all of her videos, EVERYTHING IS GONE!

We’ll spare you the details of what happened next…they weren’t pretty. Nonetheless, Jane was extremely distraught as she thought she had lost all of her precious memories forever.

Can I Recover My Data?

If the scenario above ever happens to you, don’t fret. There are ways to get your cherished digital information back! In fact, there are things you can try at home. However, please note that the following data recovery software methods will only work if you backup your device in advance…before you lose everything!

As previously mentioned, there is numerous free data recovery software methods available for consumers. They include Google Drive, Google Photos for Pictures, iCloud, and Dropbox. These are just a few cloud storage options for those who would like to keep their data in the cloud. For private local storage, customers can use iTunes. iTunes enables users to have full backups readily available. Using a cloud storage options is also crucial if you want to migrate your data at any point from one device to another.

Android backup methods are relatively straightforward. The Android device essentially works as a flash drive once it’s plugged into a computer. When you plug in the device, you’ll give your computer permission to access the files stored on your phone via a prompt on the Android’s screen. Now your computer will have access to all files on your Android device.

Is your computer beyond repair? If so, give us a call today and our expert computer repair technicians are ready and able to answer all of your questions.

Professional Data Recovery

If you were so unfortunate as to not back up your data, there is really nothing you can personally do to recover your lost digital information. You will now need the assistance of a professional data recovery specialist, such as Forever Wireless.

iphone motherboardAt Forever Wireless, one of our file recovery methods involves removing the motherboard from the phone and inserting the motherboard in a fully functional housing unit. For Android users, we flash a custom recovery to the root file system of the smartphone or tablet. We know this is techy terminology, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email, fill out a form on our website or utilize the live chat feature on our website!

If you’ve lost your data from your computer, Forever Wireless uses Deep Carving software that attempts hard drive data recovery from many scenarios. These include recently formatted data, restoring the computer to its factory setting, or whether you accidentally deleted the wrong file.

If your cell phone is damaged, be sure to give us a call and we can answer any of your cell phone repair questions.

Don’t Panic Over Lost Data

Forever Wireless offers various methods of data recovery that far exceeds the standards used to execute the objective of rescuing one’s data and files. So if you find yourself waking up on a Monday morning, or any morning, and all of your weekend pictures or videos of your baby’s first words are missing, don’t panic. Hopefully, you’ve already backed up your information so that you can easily retrieve it in the event of a phone or computer crash. And if you haven’t, call a professional. There are many different ways to recover your precious digital memories.

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