9 Things That Casey Spigel Wants in the New iPhone 8

casey wishes this was new iphone 8

Every new iteration of the iPhone has generated massive hype. Whether it’s the anticipated new features, new widgets, new design, size, camera upgrades, or new technology, every generation iPhone since its inception has not failed to disappoint. There has been lots of hype for the new iPhone 8 because it’s the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone! Recently, analysts have been grumbling about the shortage of devices using OLED screen technology (a new screen technology new to Apple but not new to Samsung).  So these industry experts are ready for Apple to jump on the bandwagon of using OLED screen technology.

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So what will the new iPhone 8 look like? When is the new iPhone 8 coming out? What are some of the iPhone 8 features? In short, we don’t know yet. However, here is a list of things I’d love to see in the new iPhone 8:

1. Type C Technology

Type C technology, commonly known as USB-C, is a type of connector that allows the transfer of data and energy between devices or a power source. For example, various smartphone charging cords use a USB-C connector, whereas Apple’s newest iPhones use a lightning cord. I want Apple to switch to Type C technology for uniformity. This would bring accessory prices down, which is a win for the consumer. I doubt this will happen, but we’ve heard some rumors that Apple may offer this capability on the new iPhone.

usb type-c technology

An example of a USB-C Cable

2. Face Recognition and Iris Scanning Technology

Samsung has already implemented these biometric authentication features on their new Galaxy S8 and S8+. How cool would it be to open your phone by just looking at the screen?! Apple…take note and implement these awesome features!

3. Remove the Home Button

We at Forever Wireless recently published an article on information about what you can do if your iPhone 7 home button is broken. In short, there isn’t much you can do. So why have a button, if it breaks, that completely devalues the device and may leave you out a few hundred dollars? Apple…just get rid of the home button in the new iPhone 8.

4. Wireless Charging

Our first point mentioned Type C technology. But the more I think about it, why do you even need a charging cable anymore? Technology is becoming more and more ‘disconnected’ (meaning wireless) every year. Wireless charging is a must!

wireless charging cell phone

Simply place your smartphone on the charging pad and charge wirelessly! This rendering also has our #3 wish…no home button!

5. 15 Megapixel Camera

The iPhone 7 and 7S currently boasts a 12 MP (Megapixel) camera. There are also a few other smartphone cameras that sport a 13 MP camera. So I ask you Apple, very politely, to give us a 15 MP camera! Be the industry leader by upping the standard on the new iPhone 8!

6. Removable Storage

Please, pretty please, add removable storage capability to the new iPhone 8! There is something to be said about the ability to take data out of your phone without the need to ‘plug in.’ Having the ability to add extra storage to your device and take it where you please is something I’d love to see in the next generation iPhone.

7. Virtual Reality Capabilities

It’s way past due that Apple introduces iPhone specific VR capabilities. There are VR headsets for the iPhone, but nothing has been made specifically for the iPhone by its manufacturer, Apple. VR is the future of entertainment. Apple needs to capitalize on the next wave of entertainment technology.

8. Hologram Keyboard

This is a wish list, right? This one is a long shot, but a cell phone guru can dream, can’t he?? The technology is here but has not been introduced on a smartphone as of yet. Apple, be the trailblazer you’ve always been and give us this incredible technology on your new phone!

hologram keyboard

An example of a virtual keyboard

9. Standard 64GB Capacity

Our last wish is for the new iPhone 8 to start with a higher storage capacity of at least 64GB. What would be great is if Apple would grant us with 6 (removable storage) and this wish, so that consumers would have plenty of storage capacity, even with the base model.

Imagine if all nine things listed above were implemented by Apple! The iPhone 8 would revolutionize the smartphone industry. I know the new iPhone 8 will be cool, but with these improvements, it will be great!

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