Leave it to the Profressionals to Change Your Smartphone Battery

Leave it to the professionals to change your internal smartphone battery

Remember the days when it was so easy to swap out your cell phone’s battery? Even within the past ten years mostly all cell phones had an external, removable battery. Not only was it easy to remove the battery, but it was just as easy to find a replacement battery for a relatively inexpensive price. However, within the past 5-10 years, cell phone technology has progressed exponentially. Specifically, with the advancement of smartphone technology, the external cell phone battery has become more and more obsolete and archaic looking.

Therefore, if you need to replace your dying or dead cell phone battery, chances are you’ll need to open up your smartphone and replace your battery. The problem with this method is that for most smartphones, you’ll need to purchase a repair kit to disassemble the smartphone. Furthermore, you’ll need to become a semi-expert in cell phone repair to complete this challenging task. Instead of undertaking this daunting task, why not leave it to the experts to replace your internal cell phone battery?

Before we get to why you should entrust this task to an expert, let’s dive into some analysis on the market share of internal and external cell phone batteries and the pros and cons between them.

Internal and External Smartphone Batteries – Market Analysis

According to Business Insider, as of June 2015, Android and Apple have approximately 95.6% of the current global smartphone market. All iPhones and the majority of Android smartphones have internal batteries. This statistic illustrates that if you plan to purchase or currently own a smartphone, there is a very good chance that your smartphone’s battery is not easily removable.

Some examples of Android smartphones that have internal, nonremovable batteries include the Samsung S6 and Samsung S7 (including Edge), Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the most recent HTC models, and most newer Motorola models have internal batteries.

Inside an iPhone 5S smartphone iPhone 5S repair battery iPhone 5S battery

Pros and Cons, Removable vs. Non-Removable

There are some pros to removable smartphone batteries. For example, if your phone gets wet or dust particles enter the phone, it’s easy to remove the battery quickly and let it dry out or clean the battery from debris. Also, if your phone starts to overheat, you can quickly take out your battery to power off your phone. Although, you can say the same thing about a non-removable battery smartphone and power down the phone as soon as overheating occurs. However, the pros mostly stop there.

The ability to remove a smartphone battery may be enticing, but there are drawbacks. If you consistently take out your smartphone battery, then you run the risk of damaging not only the battery but the phone as well. When the battery is out of the phone, dust particles can gather quickly inside the phone, and when the battery is snapped back into place, the debris is trapped!

How Do I Fix My Non-Removable Smartphone Battery?

Call a professional. The experts at Forever Wireless can swap out your dying or dead smartphone battery quickly and efficiently. For the best iPhone repair service and any smartphone repair service, Forever Wireless in Baltimore, MD can fix your phone either in-store or on the go!

As stated before, you can take the plunge and try to fix your iPhone battery or Android battery yourself, but we don’t recommend that you try to become an expert overnight. Trust the experts at Forever Wireless to get your smartphone working like new!

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