iPhone X: Casey Explains What All the Fuss is About

iPhone X

The announcement of the iPhone X has caused quite a buzz in the Apple community. Not only did it come just one year after the iPhone 7, but its concurrent announcement with the iPhone 8 and hefty price tag has also left many users scratching their heads and wondering what all the fuss is about.

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Screen Quality

The first thing people mention about the iPhone X is the quality of the screen. The picture is more vivid with richer colors than any previous versions of the iPhone. Even the curvature of the screen gives you an ability to grip your phone while having more field play with your hands. This makes the screen more responsive to your touch, giving you the ability to open apps faster, find contacts faster or even text faster.

iphone x camera

Photo: Apple

The only problem?

It’s an OLED screen. This means that, unlike traditional LCD screens on phones, it works without a backlight making the phone thinner and the colors richer. For all of its responsiveness and picture quality, the screen on the iPhone X will cost a pretty penny to replace if you break it. Fortunately, several manufacturers are working on a less expensive copy that will replace the iPhone X screen without having to sell your firstborn.

Speaker Quality

While the iPhone X doesn’t look that different from the previous generations, Apple has completely redesigned the phone’s interior. Repositioning the speaker has made it louder and clearer than previous versions of the iPhone. Listening to music on the iPhone X is an immersive experience, especially with the right headphones.

Battery Life

There is nothing more frustrating than watching the battery life on your iPhone drain away like the countdown clock on a nuclear bomb. The iPhone X has solved a lot of the previous generations’ battery problems with the introduction of the new iOS that was created specifically for the iPhone X. By reducing battery drain when the phone is not in use and adding auto brightness features to the screen, users are getting a lot more out of each charge than they were before.

iPhone X battery

Image Credit: idownloadblog.com

New Features

With infrared cameras in the top of the phone, one of the biggest advancements in the iPhone X is the face ID feature. This replacement for the fingerprint scan has promised to increase phone security without compromising function.

The iPhone X also has the same wireless recharge function that many of the Samsung Galaxy phones have. The only problem is that wireless chargers cannot push as many amps as wired chargers can. As a result, iPhone X takes a lot longer to charge wirelessly than its previous generation counterparts.

iPhone X wireless charging

Image Credit: Appleinsider.com

With the new screen’s capabilities and speaker quality, the iPhone X is still one of the hottest items on the market today. One word of caution? If you purchase an iPhone X, consider protecting it with a high-quality case that will extend the life of your screen until suitable and inexpensive replacements come onto the market. These and other iPhone accessories are available at every Forever Wireless location.

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