Casey Reveals iPhone X Tips and Features You Need to Know

iphone x tips and features

When Apple announced the iPhone X, some consumers looked at each other and asked, “What’s the big deal?” Others couldn’t wait to get their hands on all of the new features that the iPhone had to offer. Now that the iPhone X is out, we know a lot more about what it is, what it does, and why you should own one.

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1. New Software Features

The new iOS11 comes loaded on the iPhone X but is also available for download to other devices. Among the more exciting developments in the new iOS is the phone-to-phone pay feature that allows you to use Apple Pay to make payments across accounts using facial recognition and touch recognition. Gone are the days when your buddy says he will pay you back when he gets cash.

phone to phone apple pay

Additionally, the new iOS features a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature that can detect when you are driving and suspends notifications, turns the screen black, and gives you the option of sending automatic messages that you are driving.

There are also new features to some of the iOS’ apps. Maps now feature lane navigation and speed limit guidance. The new Siri voice is more lifelike with the ability to translate languages and read QR codes. iMessage can now sync across devices so deleting in one app will delete the message in all others as well. New Photo features in the iOS have better compression to deliver the same quality photos and videos while taking half of the storage space.

2. Face ID is Pretty Flawless.

The noticeable absence of a home button in favor of Face ID was something many iPhone faithful struggled with. What happens if Face ID simply doesn’t work the way it should? Fortunately for all of us (especially for Apple), Face ID is pretty flawless. Apple even went as far as to release a white paper on how Face ID works and the measures that have been taken to make sure it keeps working through the life of the phone.

Using a proprietary camera software, Face ID reads more than 30,000 infrared dots that form a map of your face. These dots are then used to create a 2D infrared image with a specific pattern that is a mathematical representation of your face. That is why, no matter how you look that day or whether you are wearing makeup or glasses or a hat, Face ID still unlocks your phone.

3. Battery Life Makes us a Little Sad.

The old adage holds true for the iPhone X. The bigger the screen, the more features a phone has, the worse its battery life. So, maybe it’s not so much an old adage but an observation over the last ten years. The OLED screen that makes the colors so vivid and sharp is a battery hog. However, the iPhone X’s wireless charging feature makes charging your phone kind of cool. In my opinion, it all balances out.

4. COLOR!!!

When the iPhone 7 Plus came out, we thought that screens could not get any better on a handheld device. It turns out they can. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen, but it is the retina display that makes it the most outstanding OLED screen on the market. Not only does it support light colors, but dark colors and contrast are also sharper and more vivid. Best of all, you can look at it off-angle, and it will still look amazing.

iphone x retina display

Photo: Apple

5. For the Love of all that is Good and Holy, Use the Night Shift Feature. #SaveYourEyes #AndYourBrain

Scientists have long since talked about taking your phone to bed with you and how it disrupts your sleep. People who insist on taking their devices to bed often find that they interrupt their sleep patterns or, worse yet, keep them from sleeping at all. To combat poor sleep hygiene, Apple decided to introduce a new feature in the iOS 11 that limits the impact of the device on sleep.

iphone x night shift feature

#SaveYourEyes #AndYourBrain

The Night Shift Feature, available now on iPhone X is designed to change the color temperature on your phone as it gets darker. Why is this important? During the day, your brain knows it is daylight by taking cues from your eyes. Bright colors with blue light act like the sun shining through your window, making you feel more awake. Yellow light and dimmer colors do not interfere as much with the brain’s melatonin production at night. You can even customize the timeline for when it shifts from cooler temperatures (ideal for watching videos or taking pictures during the day) to warmer temperatures (perfect for night viewing).

While some may balk at the price tag of the iPhone X, the features, screen quality, software upgrades, and overall status attached to this device make it a must-have. If you have any questions about the iPhone X or its new features, feel free to contact us anytime!

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