How Circuit Board Repairs Can Save Your Cell Phone

circuit board repair

The circuit board, also known as the motherboard, of a mobile phone is a very complex component. It’s the beating heart of the entire system. Almost every piece and part of your cell phone run through the circuit board for many different reasons, tasks, jobs, and purposes. Without a properly functioning circuit board, you may as well toss your phone in the trash…or should you (we’ll get to that in a moment). If your phone is faulty due to a failed circuit board, getting your circuit board repaired is not an easy task. However, there are experts, such as Forever Wireless, who can tackle these perceived insurmountable tasks and get your device back to working order in no time.

iphone circuit board

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Circuit Board Repair Requires a Special Skill-Set

Repairing your cell phone, whatever the problem may be, can range from a simple screen replacement to a full-scale mobile phone circuit board repair. Circuit board repairs require a particular skill-set, special equipment, and experience with the specific device. The cell phone repair technicians at Forever Wireless are equipped with all three of the distinctions mentioned above. They can complete some of the most complex repairs, such as IC Chip repairs on a motherboard. IC Chips and fuses on a motherboard can falter due to design flaws or just complete failure of the component.

IC Chips and fuses on a motherboard can falter due to design flaws or a complete failure of the component. Sometimes, circuit board repair is not an option because of unrepairable physical damage or liquid damage. However, if the device is salvageable, it’s well worth it to repair the device and resell instead of simply tossing it away. So, if your device is damaged (specifically your cell phone circuit board), consult with an expert at Forever Wireless to determine if your phone can be fixed…you may be able to use the resell money towards your next device!

How Do I Know if My Cell Phone Circuit Board Components are Fixable?

Devices can fail for many different reasons. Sometimes, your average technician cannot repair your mobile phone circuit board. However, this does not mean you should give up! Forever wireless repairs what other companies won’t touch or don’t know how to fix!  So how do you know if there is a problem with your circuit board components? Simple, just bring your device to any of Forever Wireless’s seven locations! The experts at Forever Wireless will be able to diagnose the issue and fix the problem.

Are Circuit Board Repairs Limited to Cell Phones?

No. Other devices, such as an iPad have circuit boards, otherwise known as logic boards. However, it’s extremely difficult to fix an iPad’s logic board. So it’s best to leave this arduous task to the professionals. Situations such as bad fuses and part replacement are tough for the average technician. Micro-soldering, replacing battery connectors,

Whether it’s micro-soldering, replacing battery connectors, or repairing a cell phone circuit board, there is no job too difficult for the expert technicians at Forever Wireless. If you think your device is broken or dead, don’t toss it, it may be salvageable, and it may be worth some money.

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