Does My iPhone Carry COVID-19?

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Covid-19 Phone Etiquette 101

Protecting your iPhone or any other device during a pandemic is extremely important. After all, we are using our smartphones as much as…well I don’t know…breathing?  iphone group

Since your iPhone or other device is currently going through a pandemic, it’s important to know how to keep your device safe. You don’t want your iPhone to spread COVID-19. However, you don’t want to minimize ruining the protection your phone comes with when sanitizing. 

Using Too Much Disinfectant Damages the iPhone Coating

Putting your iPhone in the dishwasher or the microwave are not great options to clean or sanitize your device. Just wanted to get that out of the way in case there was any confusion. Here are some recommendations and best practices to keep your device safe. Remember, we don’t want to turn our iPhones into a really expensive paperweight!

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Be Careful How You Sanitize Your iPhone

Do not wash your iPhone as you would your hands with soap and water. Even though your device may be advertised as a certain level of water resistance, you should not test the limits of the liquid resistance of your device. You can, however, use soap and water on the screen and back. But please, be hesitant to use soap and water on any charging port or buttons as they have exposure to the interior of the device. Also, BE CAREFUL WITH HAND SANITIZER. You may accidentally get liquid inside of the device that may damage your iphone

Is My iPhone Exposed to COVID-19?

Do you fear that your iPhone may be exposed (is that a thing) to COVID-19? If so, take off your phone case, wipe down your device and your case with a sanitizing wipe. Soap and water is least harmful if it’s used modestly. Using sanitizing wipes does ruin the coating on your iPhone. Unfortunately during these unprecedented times, we have to keep ourselves safe and we may be left with no other options. The coating can be added back to your device. Forever Wireless can reapply the coating to your iPhone, so please contact us for details!

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Talk to Your iPhone

The best way to keep your device completely sanitized is to prevent contamination. Limit your use when outside your “bubble.” AKA your own home. Use voice features as much as possible to avoid touching your iPhone when you’ve must touch something. “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” are incredible features that are continuously being improved. Learning how to use these voice control features is very simple. What else do you have to do right now?

Help! My iPhone is Drowning!

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If you find that you have submerged your device in sanitizer or even your favorite cocktail, we may be able to help! The best advice we have is to turn off your device, do not charge it, and contact us right away. The experts at Forever Wireless will determine if there is still liquid inside your device. If there is, then that liquid will cause a reaction that may result in irreversible damage.

We’ve brought many of devices back to life after water damage. We need to access the device first to stop the damage. Contact us 24/7 with any questions about your water damaged iPhone or other device or to setup an appointment to have your device looked at by our expert technicians.

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