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One of the most exciting times in our lives is when we are ready or eligible to upgrade to that new and improved smartphone. OK, perhaps not everyone is that excited, but for us techies, we are like little kids in a candy store! However, there is plenty of baggage that comes along with upgrading to a new cell phone. The anxiety starts mounting when you realize you need to migrate all of your contacts, pictures, videos, texts, notes, and apps. Don’t fret, the experts at Forever Wireless are here to help!

Before you make that new smartphone purchase, you should get into the habit of backing up your device at least once a month. This is an excellent way to ensure your data is safe and secure in the event your data is somehow lost. Regularly backing up your device allows for an easy transition when you take the plunge of swapping your old cell phone for a brand new cell phone.

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We are the Data Migration Experts

When you purchase a new device at Forever Wireless, it is standard operating procedure that we assist you with migrating your data from your old phone to your new phone. However, we have many customers who come to us too late to save their data. Most Android models require the user to create a username and password to start the backup procedures. These customers never set up their backup configurations correctly. When they arrive at our stores, their old devices are often inoperable. So always remember to back up your device regularly.

What Products are Available?

Long gone are the days of needing fancy and expensive hardware to backup your smartphones. Years ago, you needed to use a fancy machine called a cell-brite. Nowadays, there are several different options to backup your devices. Some as simple as typing in a username and password and the backups occur automatically. Also, most of the backup options are now free!

Apple product owners have a built-in backup software called iCloud. iCloud is a straightforward and easy to use product that automatically backs up all of your data. However, you’ll need to set it up correctly for the iCloud to work its magic. If you don’t set up the software correctly, you’ll be subject to losing your data.

What about Us Who Don’t Use iPhones?

There are an extensive number of options for non-iPhone users. Google (the company behind Android) offers a fantastic product called Google Backup. By easily signing in on your Android device with your username and password, you can backup all of your valuable data. As with iCloud, correctly setting up the software is critical. This will ensure your backup software is doing its job and your data is protected.

What if My Cell Phone is Damaged?

If your device is still operational but has a damaged screen, broken charging port, or any other hardware damage, Forever Wireless can temporarily power-up your device and perform a complete backup over wifi or Bluetooth of whatever data is still salvageable. This service varies in price depending on the complexity of the repair. We can also repair your cell phone after the data is retrieved.

Case Study

We had a very nice young couple come into our Metro II Boost Mobile by Forever Wireless location who had an HTC phone that would not charge. Initially, we attempted the repair. Sadly, another company had previously repaired the device and had damaged the main logic board. They told us that all of their wedding and baby pictures were on the device. Unfortunately, they presumed that their phone had automatic backup software enabled. This was not the case as they never went through the setup procedures to enable the software.

Even though the battery was internal, which made it almost impossible to charge the battery outside of the device, our master technician Steve R devised a way to to do just that. We were able to power-up the device and complete a backup. The couple was eternally grateful that we retrieved their priceless pictures.

Other Methods of Data Recovery

Unfortunately, results, as we described in the case study, cannot be attained if the device will not power-on. On larger devices such as computers, the hard drive can be extracted. This allows us to extract the data without powering up the computer.

On more common devices like iPhones and Samsung smartphones, we can remove the motherboard and place it into a donor handset. This allows us to access the phone’s memory. However, please note that this option is not always a viable option.

At Forever Wireless, we will try anything and everything to recover your data and migrate your data. We understand how important precious videos and pictures are to you. Therefore, we will work with you and apply our knowledge to get what you need. Contact us today if you have any question about data recovery or migration!


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