What Does Curbside Mean?

So you are saying it is possible to get your iPhone screen repaired or pick up a cellphone charger curbside? YES! 

Whether you are unable or uncomortable with coming into our stores, we will come to you outside. Not all products and services are available curbside, please contact us here and we will reply back immediately. See below for more details regarding curbside. 

How Do i schedule a curbside pick up?

Contact our repair coordinator by chatting with us on your website or emailing us at A member of our team assist you in setting up a curbside order. Not all products and services are able to be done curbside. 

What Kind of Products and Services are Curbside Eligible 

Curbside iphone screen repair appointments must be scheduled in advnance. Essential cell phone accessories like chargers and prepaid home internet starter kits much be purchased in advanced. Our online coordinators will assist in explaining 

Do all locations offer curbside services?

All locations will be offering some sort of curbside service. Bottom line, we are trying to serve our customers any reasonably way we can. Please feel free reach out to us and we will do our best to accomdate you. 

Is it extra for curbside?

Absolutely not! Remember the whole idea for this is to serve our customers betters. We have been preparing to be able to service customers curbside for essential items and services. For more details please cotact one of our online service coordinators.