Casey Talks About iPhone Screen Repair During the COVID-19 Lockdown


It’s super difficult to handle life at the moment. However, there is one thing that you really can’t “wait it out“. You simply can’t put off getting your broken iPhone screen repaired! Seriously, are you going “wait it out” during this lockdown and live without a phone because your display is broken?

You don’t have to!

Forever Wireless has shifted our resources to offer more NO CONTACT ONSITE iPhone screen repairs at your home! We are scheduling by appointment only via our website contact form or you can use the live chat below on the bottom right of your screen.

Forever Wireless specializes in CONTACT FREE onsite gadget repairs at your home for all phones, tablets, and computers. 

How does this lockdown repair thing work?

When it’s time to get your device repaired, currently, your options are super limited. To better serve our customers, we’ve put protocols in place to ensure your safety along with our technicians during the repair. For onsite repairs at your home, we’ve designed an easy and smooth process to safely get your iPhone screen repaired in only 20 minutes. During the repair, we will be at least 10 feet away from you at all times.

onsite iphone screen repair

Our No-Contact Onsite iPhone Repair Process

First, you will be assigned a repair coordinator/technician. Next, a repair time is confirmed. The repair coordinator will be onsite throughout the process ensuring your iPhone is properly repaired. Once our technician arrives at your home, apartment, or business, they will reach out to you when they arrive and ask you to leave your device outside your door. Our technician will be, at a minimum, a comfortable 10 feet away from you at all times to ensure proper social distancing guidelines. The device is then taken to our repair vehicle where the repair is completed. After the repair is complete, the technician will leave the device on your doorstep, get back in the vehicle, and call you to let you know your iPhone, tablet, computer, or other smartphone is fully functional.

As a standard precaution, our technicians ALWAYS sanitize their hands before and after working on your device. We do however suggest that you take proper precautions once receiving your device back, by washing your own hands as you can never be too careful. Magazines, such as Good House Keeping, are focusing on ways to limit your exposure to germs.

Also, we offer remote pay so no currency is transferred by hand.

We try to keep the entire process extremely simple. We’ll do everything we can to serve you to the best of our abilities. The best thing to do is reach out to me directly at

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Should I Use the Cheapest iPhone Screen Repair Place Near Me?

Those cheap places are out there for sure. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want a cheap experience? Getting your screen repaired is not just to simply get the device working. What happens if it doesn’t work a few hours later? Then you’ll need to deal with that company again. Sounds painful, right? Our advice is to always work with a company that strives to the highest standards, such as Forever Wireless. We are here to serve you!

iPhone Repair Technician

Still Have a Problem with your iPhone Screen After its Been Repaired?

Rest assured that at Forever Wireless we perform a 10-point inspection before returning the device back to you. This ensures we didn’t skip any steps or make any mistakes. However, sometimes, no matter how thorough the inspection, things can go wrong. It’s important that you know your rights as a customer and what to do if your device malfunctions after you have it repaired. Any reputable cell phone repair store will take a look at your device FOR FREE after they have conducted the repair. Make sure you communicate the issue with your device in a timely manor after it’s been repaired. Email or call as soon as possible to let them know you are having an issue and schedule a time to have the technician look at it sooner than later.

Stay safe and healthy during these trying times.


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