Casey Reveals Secrets About iPhone Screens

casey reveals secrets about iphone screens

Casey, what are we talking about?

So we are talking about aftermarket and original screens. There are two different screens on the market. At Forever Wireless we push the original screen. For the simple fact that you get a much better warranty, the stability of the screen is much better. By stability, I mean flickering on the screen, any pixelation, or anything like that, is less occurring on the original screens than aftermarket screens.

The price difference between the two is about $20-$30. For the warranty alone, going from 30 days with the aftermarket to a year with the original, it’s worth it just for that purpose.

The other reason is the crispness of the screen of the original, has much more vivid colors than the aftermarket.

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Why would people choose aftermarket?

Cause they are looking for the cheapest price. A lot of times I use aftermarket screens in the event somebody is trading in their phone – within the next two weeks – they don’t want to spend the money – they don’t care about the warranty. They just want a screen to turn their device into an Apple carrier.

So that’s really what we reserve aftermarket screens for – in the case that a customer is coming in just to change their screen to be able to turn in their device. If someone is keeping their device for a month, two months, three months, I always push the original option because:

  • A – for the warranty, and
  • B – for the stability of the screen.

Also, aftermarket screens can affect other functionalities of the device such as the battery. They are not necessarily regulating the same energy between the two. There is something called the touch IC chip that the screen actually connects to. With aftermarket screens, the communication between the IC chip, the screen, and the motherboard can cause some issues where it’s flickering, dimming, and it’s just not operating the best way. Also, battery life can be affected by that because a phone is used to an original screen.

An original screen will allow it to keep the right amount of energy flowing to the screen without affecting other components of the motherboard. The screen is what takes the most amount of energy from the phone.

Person Speaking: That’s why people are always turning their brightness down.

Correct, you always want to make sure the brightness is down. What we’ve seen a lot in aftermarket devices is that the battery is not lasting as long because the screen is using more energy because it’s much brighter, which isn’t necessarily better for the experience with the device.

So, the battery life is the biggest reason to get an original screen?


Person Speaking: Because battery life is always an issue.

Correct. We can’t use our phone without the battery.

Do you know what percentage a phone lasts with an original screen compared to an aftermarket screen?

If had to guess I would probably say somewhere between 15-20%. The reason I’m saying that is that you can see the difference between the brightness. If you turn an original screen all the way up (bright) and an aftermarket screen, the aftermarket screen is brighter.

There is also a notice of a tint on the aftermarket screens. They are using a lower quality and trying to cut corners to be able to manufacture the same product that will work on an iPhone.

The stability, meaning the defect rate of aftermarket screens is in the 20s, percentage-wise, original, less than 2%. That’s a HUGE difference. That is keeping customers from coming back in the store. This is the main reason I push originals because I don’t want them to keep coming back to and having to change out screens because that costs me money as well. That’s why we as a company have decided to do a 30-day warranty versus a year warranty – make it much more attractive to go with the original – because we know the experience the customer is going to have overall will be better. We want to keep them out of the store; we don’t want to have them keep coming back. Also for us, we do onsite repairs, we don’t want them to have to keep coming back – that costs us more money as well.

How long should an iPhone battery last?

However many cycles you have to charge your phone is how long your battery is going to last over time. Let’s say there are 500 cycles that a battery should be without any issues. You are going to be reducing that because you are going to be charging your phone more because your screen is drawing more energy from your battery. The screen is going to start affecting your battery from the simple fact of cycles.

How exactly will an aftermarket screen affect my battery life?

You are not going to have the same battery longevity. Again, the simple fact is that you are not using an original part. Therefore, they don’t communicate as well with the motherboard.

Do you have any advice on how to best charge my iPhone?

I always advise customers with every device they have to not charge it if it doesn’t need to be charged. You want to think of a battery as having a brain as well. If it always thinks that there is juice in it, it won’t hold the charge as well. But if it knows that it’s losing power and it gets recharged fully, the health of the battery is going to be much better, which means it will last for more cycles over time.

I even advise customers – I know it’s much easier to use it all day then plug it in at night – but honestly, if you are not using your device and it has full power, do not plug it in and leave it overnight. You want to charge it for the purpose of being charged, and then let the battery drain. It’s much healthier for the battery to do that.

What about for people on the go?

Of course people, nowadays, these power packs have become a lot more popular because where there are not plugs everywhere, we want to walk around – the reality is we are using our phone for work and business, and we need to use it as much as possible.

Use power packs as little as possible. Because unless it is a really high-quality power pack, it’s not regulating the energy the right way and it can cause your battery to actually lose its battery life. So you have it plugged in, and the battery is already at 100% and then you have the power pack plugged up to it as well, and it’s turned on as well – like a Mophie case for example. It’s not healthy for the battery – it’s making it seem that there is always a power source for it – and therefore it’s not going to hold the energy in the battery as long as it would if you were actually plugging it up till it’s 100% – using it till it’s 5% – charging it – and then using it again. That is a much better and healthier way for a battery to last a lot longer.

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