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Choosing a wireless carrier should not be as difficult as doing your taxes and it certainly shouldn’t be a guessing game as to what the bill is going to be every month. No contract wireless carriers offer simple prepaid wireless services that allow you to choose how low you want to go with your monthly recurring charge while keeping in line with your needs of talk, text and data.

Its a very crowded scene when it comes to no contract wireless companies, were talking an upwards of 10x more companies than traditional postpaid dealers. Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T all have their own towers that they maintain and operate. No contract wireless companies are not really technically carriers, they lease time from postpaid carriers and resell it under their company brand name. An example of this would be Boost Mobile which happens to be owned by sprint, but operates as an almost COMPLETELY separate company. in fact at one point it was before it was purchase by sprint in 2006.

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Sure sometimes big wireless cooperate on towers but for the most part they are in a head to head competition claiming to having the best value in wireless. Why doesn’t everyone just use the same towers i remember asking as a guru in training. Reason is, carriers invest heavily in towers to be able to handle the user traffic. If everyone used the same tower than it would be much harder to manage the traffic therefore making speeds unbearably slow.


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Every market can be different when it comes to coverage, it all depends on whose dominating. Wireless carriers are always in a battle to improve coverage and bring value to keep customers happy on their network. Baltimore is a STRONG Sprint market meaning they have invested heavily in the infrastructure of towers to dominate this market. Boost Mobile being a subsidiary of Sprint is entitled to operate on its network. Forever Wireless has been in partnership with Boost Mobile since the early 2000’s. Through the years our commitment has grown and flourished as we are proud to operate 7 Boost Mobile locations!


When prepaid first launched in the 21st century it had a negative stigma that followed it. People at first just would’t accept that they could get the same coverage , speed and reliability at sometimes half the price. As no contract wireless became more in a our faces with heavy marketing and advertising the stigma is slowly dissipating. Same phones, same coverage, less money its just that simple.

Forever Wireless is Baltimore Premier Boost Mobile dealer giving it access to the entire line of phones right as they launch. We are also an Apple iPhone approved retailer which allows us to stock whatever iPhones are currently available for Boost Mobile . Availability for iPhones may vary at times as we do our best to stock any and all colors and storage models. If you are looking for something in particular, get in touch and let us know what you are looking for!

Over the past couple of years the competition has really been fearce between no contract wireless companies which is a definite win for the customer. There are promotions on top of promotions to get you to become a customer and to keep you a happy one. As a company its certainly a great advantage to have access and the opportunity to provide an incredible value to our customers. From plans as low as 30$ a month to wifi hotspots plans that allow several devices to power off one hotspot. No contract wireless is no longer a 2nd class citizen when compared to traditional carriers. Latest handsets such as the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s choosing no contract is the path to saving and not breaking the bank when it comes to your wireless monthly bill!


One the biggest misconceptions about switching from a traditional contract to no contract is that you have to pay for your device upfront. Who wants to shell out $650+ at once to get the latest hottest handset? Thankfully Forever Wireless has access to financing options that meets a wide variety of customers. The best part about it is that there is NO CREDIT CHECK! Just a bank account and 90 days of no NSF’s on your bank account and you will get approved to up to 2500. Pay the device off in 90 days and pay little to no fees! Have a question about financing a phone? Contact us now!

The process of moving your phone number over from carrier to carrier is known as porting. Back in the day wireless companies held your number hostage so you would have no choice but to stay with them. This practice was obviously not taken well by customers as it shouldn’t have been. A law passed by the federal government gave ownership of phone numbers to individuals, not wireless companies. Companies under federal law have to allow you to port your numbers between companies and need to provide proper account information providing you have your credentials. In order for the port to successfully complete you must have all required information which a Forever Wireless representative will be certain you have when porting over.

As you can see, there hasn’t been a better time to be a customer of a wireless company with so much competition driving down the price. Forever Wireless and our team are here to be your advocates with whatever wireless concerns you may have. We believe that Boost Mobile can meet the needs of ALMOST every customer. If you have any questions or concerns about becoming a Boost Mobile customer we are happy to answer them.


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