Before You Order the iPhone X, Think About This…

before order iphone x

Apple’s announcement of the iPhone X had everyone on the edge of their seats to see what the latest and greatest iPhone would bring. What we didn’t expect was the $999 price tag. So, before you shell out the big bucks for the latest in Apple technology, consider this.

Do you Tend to Break Your Phone?

broken iphone screen

If you are a serial phone breaker, the iPhone X, even with Apple Care, may not be your best bet. The screen on the iPhone X (interestingly enough manufactured by Samsung) is known for its energy efficiency, exceptional color quality, and sharpness. It is also extremely pricey to replace. On the other hand, iPhone 8+ will use the same screen technology as the 6 and 7. While the picture quality may not match that of the X, it may be a better fit for the chronically clumsy.

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Facial Recognition may not be as flawless as you’d like

iphone x facial recognition

Photo: Reuters

One of the big features of the iPhone X is the facial recognition technology that allows you to open your phone simply by holding it up. The only problem is that this technology still may be slower than the fingerprint on the iPhone 8. Without the option to open the phone with a fingerprint, the X may be more challenging to get inside, especially for those who use their phone for business. You don’t want to waste time waiting for facial recognition when you need to take a picture or video immediately. There may be a type-in code backup, but until the X comes out, we won’t know for sure.

Speaking of Cameras…

iphone x camera

Photo: Apple

Sure, the X will have portrait feature on the front-facing camera, but beyond that, there are not a lot of differences between the camera in the X and what you find in the 8 or 8+. Yes, there is a major difference in cameras between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, but with negligible differences between the 8 and X, it is not necessarily a strong selling point.

A Lot of the iPhone X Features are Software, not Hardware

The new iOS that will be found on the iPhone X will have amazing features that make it easier to operate and more intuitive to use. The new iOS will also be available for iPhone 7 series and above making these features available to users beyond those who buy the iPhone X. In fact, many of the upgraded features are found in software, not hardware meaning you don’t have to buy a new phone to take advantage of a more intuitive iOS.

Bottom line, the iPhone X is ideal for anyone who wants the latest and greatest status symbol. Recognizing that many of their older devices are still in circulation, Apple decided to forgo trying to convince someone who is happy with their iPhone 7 that they needed an upgrade. Instead, they turned their attention to a different type of customer – one who takes pride in owning one of a limited number produced.

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