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Cell Phone Accessories

Having the latest device is only half of the fun these days with so many accessories that work with your device. From heavy duty cases to Bluetooth speakers, Forever Wireless is fully stocked with brand name products to maximize the potential of your device.

When purchasing your latest phone or tablet, it’s second nature to browse the hundreds of thousands of cases available for it. It can be a very tedious task as there are so many to choose from, and a case is a long term commitment. You want to make sure it feels right, works right, but most importantly looks right! Operating your phone or tablet without a case is almost guaranteeing a costly future repair. It also most certainly is going to shorten the lifespan of your device. The more hits your device takes, the quicker something is going to go wrong with it, so why not protect it with the latest Otterbox protective gear if you can!

How does one choose from all of the brands styles out there for the same model phone? It all boils down to comfort. You want your case to be protective yet reasonably easy to maneuver with that is unless you work in construction to which case you need all the protection you can get. Otterbox is one of the highest quality brands on the market and protects a wide variety of models. They break their cases into three categories:


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Otterbox Defender

One of the highest durability ratings on the market, and as heavy duty as it gets, we bring you the Otterbox Defender. Fully protected from front to back as well as covering all ports with rubber seal. Case is water resistant but not waterproof.

otterbox defender

Otterbox Commuter

A step down in protection from the Otterbox Defender, the Otterbox Commuter is still awesome, even though the front of the device is not protected. However commuter cases are less bulkier but still provide a significant amount of protection to the entire phone even without physically covering it. Meant to protect your phone in an everyday work environment in doors or in a business setting. Great for kids as it does have  2 ply protection.

otterbox commuter

Otterbox Symmetry

One of otterbox’s latest styled cases, offering a 1 ply protection that fits snug around your handset, is the Otterbox Symmetry. Simple design but a complex designed protection to keep your device from everyday drops and accidents. Fits comfortably in jeans pockets and the least bulky.

otterbox symmetry

So whats the big deal between aftermarket cases and name brand? A LOT!

A quality case can last you years compared to an aftermarket version similar to it. So is it just about quality and longevity of product?  A lot of research and development goes into creating a case that absorbs a fall with the grace of a ballerina. No but seriously, otter box and many other successful uber protective case companies have been able to manufacture the way your phone takes a drop. Aftermarket cases and even knock offs do not posses the same level of protection. With devices costing well over $500+ why not spending between $40-70$ protecting it for the life of the device. Not every phone needs an otterbox, but EVERY Otterbox will protect EVERY phone!

Why You Need to be a Part of the Bluetooth Movement

LG Tones Bluetooth Headset

LG Tones Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we listen to our favorite music. Whether its a bluetooth speaker or a headset, using a wire is a thing of the past. Forever Wireless has the latest trends in bluetooth devices available to meet whatever your needs may be. State laws in MD and the surrounding areas prohibit driving and using your phone. Operating a bluetooth headset eliminates that concern and provides safety while driving. From low end to high end we have several models to choose from to fit your budget.

Now that safety and obeying the law is behind us, what about being the life of the party? Having a bluetooth speaker ready and charged is no better way to take your gathering from 0 to 100 real quick! From mini speakers, large pill sized speakers, and monster light flashing 750W speakers we’ve got them in stock and ready to rock. Stop into any Forever Wireless to pick yours up today and be prepared for any pop-up party that might come your way.