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We fix broken phones, tablets & laptops! Authorized repair & accessories.

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Specializing in cell phone repairs, accessories & prepaid phones in the Baltimore area.

Phone broke? Miserable? Hate to shell out for a replacement?

Good news! We bring dead phones back to life. Our skilled technicians can revive almost any dead phone or tablet.

No insurance? No problem!

Most repairs are under $100. And if you’ve got insurance, check with us anyway. Most likely, we can beat your deductible.

Desperate? Lost without your phone?

Most repairs are done the same day. And if we can’t fix it while you wait, we’ll lend you a phone till we’re done. Free.

Can’t get to the store? Need immediate service wherever you are?

With our executive service, we’ll come to you. Wherever, whenever.

Tired of overpriced cell contracts and under-delivered service?

We have a handful of cell phone carriers to meet your needs whether personal or business. Stop paying for services you aren’t using, and start saving today! The prepaid market has changed tremendously. On average, you'll save $40 a month by switching from postpaid to prepaid without sacrificing any services!

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We stock hundreds of models of accessories for every carrier.

Don’t be fooled by the big fancy corporate stores who care more about looks than price and service. Forever Wireless will go above and beyond to meet all your needs. Come to any of our locations today and experience retail the old fashioned way.